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Petite Posh Puppies

Petite Posh Puppies is a boutique dog breeder in Atlanta, GA with a focus on high-quality puppies. We are a Licensed Pet Dealer with the state of Georgia LIC# ...


Petite Posh Puppies


191 Peachtree Street
Atlanta Georgia 30303
United States


(404) 433-0125

My mom (Connie) and I have had a lifelong love for tiny puppies. We loved holding, petting, and seeing puppies. We have done exactly what the saying says: "Do what you enjoy and never work another day in your life "...". We noticed that finding great quality, healthy, petite, beautiful puppies that look like the breed is supposed to look was just about impossible to find. So we set out on a mission to find the best quality mom and dad doggies we possibly could. We searched the world over, but found what we were searching for! Petite Posh Puppies is very much a passion of ours and our mission is to offer the most petite, healthy, puppies that will be your family's best friend for many years to come.


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